Diving Sites - Zeyko  
The Zeyko dive site is located close to the Kyrenia harbour - about a ten minute ride in the RIB. It is a finger like reef system with sand and neptune grass between the long fingers of the reef. There are many rocks scattered about the reef providing an excellent habitat for a variety of marine life.

The reef top starts at about 12 meters and the reef wall will continue down to 40 meters in some areas. This dive is suitable for both beginner and advanced divers. Bring a torch to search out the most interesting marine life hidden in the rocks and crevasses of the reef.

As you enter the water, slowly descend to the reef top at 12 meters. Visibility can be variable. When the sea is churned up you may find less than 15 meters of visibility - we have also encountered crystal clear waters with 30 meter plus visibility.

The ecological system on Zeyko is an interesting mix of Mediterranean and Red Sea transplants. As indicated earlier, Cyprus has benefited from the southern Mediterranean currents bringing a variety of aquatic life from the Red Sea.

The closed circuit current system has wrapped a warm nutrient rich envelope around the island. The reef is home to a number of squirrel fish and peacock worms. They have migrated from the Red Sea through the Suez Canal and drifted with the currents into the waters around Cyprus.

Continue down the reef wall and you will see colourful soft corals and sponges and groups of nudibranchs. Hidden in the reef overhangs you will see bright red sponges. If the visibility is good you will see a stunning array of clours and marine activity. The groupers, the amberjacks, sea bream and monk fish all combine to make for a wonderful dive.

As you reach the bottom at 30 meters, look up and survey the visita of this large underwater mountain of a reef. Take time during your ascent to closely view the holes and cuts in the reef wall. A little light from your torch will reveal a variety of marine life in miniature.