Diving Sites - Paradise  
Paradise is part of the same reef structure that has Zephyros and the Wall dive locations. Paradise is the last point on these reefs. As should be e3vident from the name, this dive can indeed be paradise.Due to its location at the end of the reef this site is more open to the sea, the dive is deeper than other dives. It is recommended for experienced divers. The reef starts at about 24 meters and ends on the sand bottom between 40 meters and 43 meters.As you approach the surface of the reef at 24 meters you will see a large field of neptune grass. This is the habitat of several large striped groupers with some fish up to 1.5 meters having been sighted. You will also see several black spotted sponges throughout the field of
neptune grass. The groupers are reasonably ''diver friendly'' and they will approach close to you.

As you move over the reef top we would recommend that you findd north and then drop slowly down the side of the reef. You will see many colorful crevasses among the rocks. These indentations provide homes for the soldier fish and the
leer fish.With depth - below 25 meters - the water temprature will drop considerably. The cooler waters provides rich nutrients and respite from the heat for many fish.