Diving Sites - Zephyros  
Zephyros is the name for a specific dive site and the overall series of reefs to the north and west of Kyrenia. These reefs are the site of three of the best dive locations in the Kyrenia region Zephyros, the Wall and Paradise. All these sites are a delight to dive. Zephyros, as with the Wall and Paradise is an exhilarating dive. We have done multiple dives on this reef dur,ing the day and at night - every dive has been different with something new always appearing. dive site is located close to Sunset Beach and hence a short boat ride from most of the diving centers in the Kyrenia area.

This is a large reef system with many levels. As you drop into the water and slowly descend you will come to the reef top at about 20 meters. As you descend from the reef top, you will see the bottom at around 32 meters. The reef system is comprised of several different levels, for both beginners and experienced divers.The first object that we spotted as we descended was a large old anchor lodged at the bottom of the reef with an old anchor chain running along the reef cliff. If you look up you will see how the reef cliff rises dramatically from the bottom. This wall provides fo lots of marine life activity.