North Cyprus- Sea Turtles and Marine Life  
Our beaches can offer another exciting experience as well.
Sea Turtles - Caretta caretta & Chelonia mydas
For about one hundred million years, our waters have been visited by the green (Chelonia mydas) and the logger-head (Caretta caretta) turtles. The green turtle only nests in Cyprus, south-east Turkey and sometimes in Israel.

These ascinating creatures come ashore on the deserted beaches of North Cyprus between May and August to nest and Alagadi beach is classified as a special protected area.After sunset, when it is dark, the adult females, sometimes with a carapace of more than 100 cms long, make their way up the beach to find a suitable nesting place. There they lay between 65 and 110 eggs, depending on the species. This can be repeated three to five times for each, 10-15 days apart.

When the nesting is done, the exhausted female returns to the sea. She will perhaps reppear on the same beach again a couple of years later. Visitors are welcome to observe this exciting experience.
North Cyprus Marine Life - Diving in North Cyprus
If you would like to discover the remains of historic wrecks, stone anchors, broken amphora's and much more, then North Cyprus offers a choice of diving trips, courses, introduction dives, snorkelling trips, fishing trips, boat trips and many more. North Cyprus is the best diving resort in the world and has one of the most picturesque harbours.
The crystal clear warm waters of the Mediterranean make Cyprus the perfect diving location for both beginners and experienced divers. Safe diving is very important and every necessary precaution is taken by professional divers that will accompany you, but in case of an accident the medical facilities are in high standards, including a 6 + 2 capacity decompression chamber at Burhan Nalbantoglu Hospital in Nicosia, North Cyprus.

You can easily get in touch with dive centres in North Cyprus that are members of PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors), International Resorts, and CMAS and BSAC members. The crystal clearness and warmth of our waters gives you the perfect conditions to diving in the Mediterranean. The diving schools are managed by international professional divers, whose primary concern is your diving safety and pleasure. Scuba diving programs opens the door to a whole new world, the fascinating world of the blue planet you will get to know a new realm that is even more beautiful, colourful and exciting than you ever dreamed possible. Believe us when you are diving North Cyprus you will be thrilled.
Mean monthly temperature (C°)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
15.3 15.6 18.0 22.2 27.0 31.2 34.1 33.9 31.2 27.1 21.3 16.8
Mean monthly sea water temperature (C°)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
16.1 15.6 16.3 17.7 20.3 24.4 27.2 28.2 27.0 24.6 21.1 17.8


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DAN stands for Divers Alert Network, or as it is familiarly known the 'diver's safety net' DAN was born in 1980 following the initiative of certain scientists and university professors of international standing, in the USA and in Italy, who had understood that the managing of a diving emergency requires a special knowledge, not commonly found as part of normal medical structures.