Diving Sites - The Wall  
The next of our Kyrenia dive site is called the Wall. The top of the Wall starts at 25 meters and extends down to 32 meters. We would initially recommended this dive for more experienced divers.As you follow the anchor line down, your will see the top of the wall at about 25 meters. you may encounter some
current as you descend, but this will quickly disappear as you reach the twenty-two meter level.

A word of caution: although you may have surface water temperatures approaching 30 C in the middle of the summer, the water temperature dips to a chilly 20 C as you go below 25 meters. We would recommend diving with a 5 mm wetsuit if you want to comfortably enjoy the full range of this dive.As you descend this beautiful wall you will see a changing array of marine life. Over the course of several dives at this site we have encountered large grouper feeding on damsel fish, very large amberjack feeding on everything in sight and an abundance of the food chain pecking order.