Diving Sites - Pinocchio  
Pinocchio is an excellent site for diver training and navigation practice. It is located close to the Sunset Beach area and thus a short ride to the dive location from the dive centers.The name is from the wonderful book for children by Carlo Collodi - Adventures of Pinocchio. Local legend has it that a mother turtle advised her naughty son to ''prove yourself to be brave, truthful and unselfish and someday you will be a real turtle''. We do not know whether the young turtle followed his mother's advice or ended up like Pinocchio with a beak growing ever longer.

Upon entering the water you will drop down to approximately 20 meters and see a field of rock and boulder formations. They provide a secure habitat for much marine life. As you fin around the rocks you will beautiful purple and yellow nudibranchs on the rock surface.The fish life is equally colourful with grouper, octopus, sting rays, parrot fish and moray eels in evidence. As you explore the site further you will come across many pieces of amphora bottles.