Diving Sites - Lost  
This dive site is easy to reach with its location just west of Kyrenia. It is a relaxing dive site for the second dive of the day or perhaps for a night dive. The site will appeal to all levels of divers. The reef has a maximum depth of 18 meters. It is composed of nepture grass on the north end and rocks on the south end. The neptune grass begins after the sand at the north end of the reef. The reef area has a diameter of aproximately 100 meters.

After you enter the water, you can approch the reef from any direction you desire. The rock formations are large and interesting for exploring. They contain a multitude of locust lobster, octopus, red mullets and goby fish. We have also come across green and loggerhead turtles feeding and stingrays hiding in the sand.If you move away from the rocks towards the nepture grass, be sure to pay attention to the sand bottom. We have spotted little conger eels, sea stars, crabs, painted wrasse and fan mussels.

As you approch the edges of the neptune grass look closely and use your torch in the grass. We have found sea horses, sea centipedes, shrimp, baby cuttle fish and nudibranchs.Whether you dive this site day or night, you will be pleased with the consistency of the marine life. You will have to fin quietly, be patient and use your light to penetrate the darker reaches of this rich dive location. The name of this dive site, Lost, has several origins. The one that we experienced was the bad luck of a fellow diver. Upon entering the water our intrepid diving buddy had his very expensive dive computer slide from his wrist and sink into the neptune grass. It was never found. Needless to say, our diving friend has his own repertoire of descriptive words for the Lost dive site.

Enjoy - you may get lucky and find a dive computer!