Tauchplaetze - Tiridacna  
This deep diving site is located offshore of Alsancak region. Usually we tie up our boat to site's mooring in other sites, however we do not have mooring at Tridacna so we drop our anchor that feel like a little bit adventure. Tridacna has different bottom surface than other diving sites.

Diving siteis parallel to the bottom surface also it has middle sized rocks, pieces of posidonias groups and areas covered with sand unlikely other diving sites, which are generally consisted of walls and rocks in North Cyprus.

This diving site starts from 33 meters to reach 45 meters depth. For this reason, this site is wonderful for Advanced Open Divers who wants to test their diving abilities. Shallow part of this site is located in south and lies to deep north side. Interesting bottom surface affects underwater fauna and habitat. You can see many kinds of stingrays which have 1.5 to 2 meters length in this site. If it is you lucky day, you can come across 4 or 5 different kinds of them such as butterfly stingray, round stingray, eagle rays, torpedo rays and endangered guitarfish. Also rock groupers and groupers welcome you as all diving sites in North Cyprus. Moreover you can see leer fishes, tuna fishes, octopuses, groups of nudibranches, breams, obladamelanuras and huge sheelfishes.