Tauchplaetze - Tekke  
Tekke is very special diving site of North Cyprus; consisting series of ridges are the most important feature of this site. Also, broken parts of Amphora, ancient iron anchors and cannon balls, numerous huge sponges, various shellfishes can be seen at Tekke. This site has one of richest environment in North Cyprus. You can see different fishes or creatures in different hours in a same day. Site contains huge ridges and separate parts of hills. Therefore these ridges lie on east to west direction; approximately 12 meter wide and start form 20 meters up to 36 meters depth.  Location of dive site is offshore of KyreniaMevleviTekke. This diving site’s name is based on ancient Tekke. Even though we did not know the history of this site, there is a conjecturally 800 years old anchor, which is approximately 1.5meters length. You can see minimum 4 or 5 types of groupers and rock groupers when you visit this site. They are so human friendly, so you can swim with them even you can petthem safely because they do not hurt you unless you intimidate them. We guarantee that you can see at least 4 kind of nudibranches in your one dive. These beautiful creatures are named as sea rabbit in Turkey. Also you can see brown meager, Mediterranean eel, leer fish, tuna fish, stingray, Mediterranean lobster(Karavida), squirrelfish(Cardinal), parrot fish, turtle, red snapper, octopus, dusky spinefoot, white sea-bream, obladamelanura, sea bream…

Moreover, you can see 2 meter octopuses come to lay eggs in April and May at this diving site. Turtles start to come in June. Actually we can see turtles every dive in July and August.

This diving site is a beautiful place for experienced divers because dive site allow you to dive more than 1 hour with multilevel dives. Also it is great for divers who love current dives.