Tauchplaetze - Pits  
Pits diving site is named as there are too many pits in diving site. Diving site consists of very big pits between interesting huge rocks. Estimated time of arrival to Pits from Nautilus Diving School around 4-5 minutes. We use 7 meters powerful heavy duty inflatable boats (Zodiak~in Turkish)to reach our diving sites, different form Turkey. After diving, we go to Denizkızı Beach, where our school is. We have lunch in beach, rest and prepare for before second dive. We do not use most of our time for travelling to reach diving sites because all diving sites are very close from our school. You can sunbath in our golden beach or you can swim in our swimming pool and drink something.

We can see turtles every time one of two dives in this site. This reef starts from 12 meters depth and reach 18 meters depth in this rich habitat. There is a little wall, where is home of many Mediterranean fishes and creatures, is located between 12-15 meters depth. This diving site is heaven for underwater photographers because rich habitat is not that deep so we can stay in more time. Also new and inexperienced divers can dive safely and have fun of seeing too many things. You can see many of rock grouper, grouper, green turtle, sea rabbit, brown meager, Mediterranean eel, trumpet fish, Mediterranean lobster, octopus, stingray, spotted torpedo and other types of creatures in this diving site. You can see thousands of tuna fishes in August.

In this diving site, you can see soft corals, which are very rare in Mediterranean Sea.  These corals reach 2 meters height in some areas. There are many types and sizes of sponges, that you can see. Also there are many anti-aircraft bullets between 12-16 meters at the west side of site, which are stayed from war in 1973. You can see many cracked parts of amphoras and jugs. Many nudibranches (Order Nudibranchia~in Latin) can be found in diving site, which are known as sea rabbit by locals. Also you can see 2 different types of octopus.