Tauchplaetze - History Rock  
History rock is one of the first diving sites in Kapraz region, also this diving site is a really interesting reef, which is starting from 4 meters to 16 meters depth. Even though it is a shallow reef, it includes various types of caves. Also it has miscellaneous ancient ruins, which belongs from unknown eras.

You can see ancient weapon’s remnant, erstwhile stone anchors, amphora and different kinds of ruins. Because it is not a deep site, you can spend more than one hour under the water.

This reef is rocky but it looks like huge sand hill, which lies horizontally 80 meters length from east to west.  There is a little island on the surface of the sea, when you go to deep part of this reef. Friendly rock groupers, groupers, white-sea breams, oblodamelanuras, sea breams welcomes to this site.If you want to observe small cavities, coves and caves, this diving site is ideal place for you. Divers who want to dive this site, I recommend that they should bring small flashlight to see hidden creatures in caves. We come upon many octopus nests and 2 meter Mediterranean eels, when we reach 16 meters depth in this amazing dive sitein June.

Moreover it is possible to see many parrot fishes in August. If you plan your dive for the deepest point of this site alsoyou decide to decent from rocky area than reach mossy north part, you have chance to see turtles and stingrays. If you interested in underwater photograph, you can take macro photos of various kind of creatures easily and safely because they do not hurt you unless you intimidate them.

It is possible to see different kinds of underwater creatures, which are increased in every dive for last two years. Number of different kind of underwater creatures are increased for last two years, therefore we can see them every dive. These kind of different creatures migrate from Suez Canal to Mediterranean, moreover we can see them in our dives. We thought different creatures were came from Red Sea, however we determined some kind of creatures were came from Atlantic Ocean and settle in North Cyprus underwater habitat after our research.

Atlantic Tripletail, Lobotes and Surinamensis are new found creatures in North Cyprus.

We started to see Atlantic Tripletail in our dives. Do not surprise if you see this fish in North Cyprus. It stays upside down close to the surface or parallel to the surface and faking death.

In previous years, we can see different kind of rock gobies, which are very colorful and poisonous however they do not harm you unless you intimidate them.

Tropical water’s kind of Triggerfish can be seen in Mediterranean in last five years.