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Dive into a dynamic underwater adventure in ideal conditions at destinations around the world, or around the corner. During your initial explorations, you'll master basic concepts and scuba skills, and then it's off to an open water journey - up to 12 meters deep, that's 40 feet! And remember, your Discover Scuba Diving Experience counts toward your Open Water Diver certification. Young divers - get tanks full of air and pull off exicting stunts. On an AquaMission you will dive into an adrenaline-pumping, adventurous underwater journey. Yo'll get the real gear, just like the pros wear. Andi after building a solid foundation of scuba skills, you'll dive with a flashlight as a Night Specialist, search for lost items underwater in the Search & Recovery AquaMission and float like an Astronaut as an Inner Space Specialist. You will simulate wreck dives, avigation, underwater photography, safety and more in the controlled environment of a ''diving'' pool.
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DAN stands for Divers Alert Network, or as it is familiarly known the 'diver's safety net' DAN was born in 1980 following the initiative of certain scientists and university professors of international standing, in the USA and in Italy, who had understood that the managing of a diving emergency requires a special knowledge, not commonly found as part of normal medical structures.